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Best Paddleboards for Rental Operators?

We spent many years of researching, spending too much money, doing too many repairs and generally being dissatisfied with the equipment we used for SUP rentals. Finally, the search is over. The lift up handle and lightweight make moving the boards around easy. We have yet to have to repair a single board all summer. At this time last year I was elbow deep in resin which I bought from The Epoxy Resin Store, repairing boards and spent all day every day just working to keep our fleet afloat. I once had 19 boards in my backyard in various states of repair. But not since moving over to the Bounce boards. The nose and tail plugs make attaching a GoPro easy. The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we had several requests for people to purchase them. The one challenge is that we will not be selling the used fleet this Fall. Wait…… that is good thing! We could not be more pleased with the Bounce SUP’s that we are now using.

Forget about pretty painted boards that chip when you look at them, ding at the slightest hit, and have foam cores that suck up water. Forget about squishy, flexy products that don’t provide stability or performance. Bounce employs an entirely unique SUP construction that creates the lightweight, stiff board you would expect from a traditional epoxy construction, but with unparalleled impact resistance and durability. The trick? Thermal Composite Technology or “TCT”. We infuse our thermoplastic resin into fiberglass cloth instead of using a traditional, more brittle, thermoset resin such as epoxy. It resists rocks, truck beds, board racks, garages, kids, rental docks – truly, these boards are tough.

One of the most exciting aspects of Bounce SUP™ is the unique, clean construction of the boards. They eliminated 2 major steps from traditional board construction. Which ones? They don’t shape a foam blank and we don’t sand a fiberglass or carbon fiber skin. No foam shaping means there’s no irritating foam dust and there’s no wasted material. No sanding of glass coats means there’s no harmful fiberglass dust and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air of the shop. Furthermore, they have eliminated nasty chemicals like acetone from the production line. When you walk through the factory there is absolutely none of the brain-burning smell usually associated with the board-building business. Basically, the manufacturing method eliminates all of the major environmental and high-labor reasons why so many board companies export this great industry to Asia. We’d rather keep it clean and keep it local.