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SUP Pups


Private 1 Hour Lesson with Certified SUP Instructor starting at $60.00

Teaching Pups how to SUP Since 2014. At SUP Pups we provide you with the Ultimate Adventure with your pup. A one-of-a-kind Stand up Paddle Board Lesson learning the basics, safety and technique of the FUN sport while giving you tips and tricks to help your dog fall in LOVE too!

Every dog deserves to live the dream, the ultimate Cali Dream of getting salty, having fun and living their best life. Here at SUP Pups LLC. we cater your experience to fit your needs and theirs!

If you want it to be just you and your pup… AWESOME! If you want to bring your friend or loved ones.. YES! Want to Celebrate your pups birthday? Your birthday? Have a FUN day under the sun with FURiends! LET’S DO IT! Want your kid to do more than just play with apps and learn an awesome sport they can do for the rest of their lives? WE GOT YOU!

Led by SUP Pups Owner Samantha 

Instructors History :

  • 25 years of water experience
  • 7 years of Paddle Boarding
  • WPA Flat Water SUP Instructor Certification
  • ISA SUP Certification


  • Paddle Board Rental
  • Human Life Vest
  • Dog Life Vest
  • SUP basics, safety and technique
  • Action Photos and Videos
  • SUP Pups Swag Bowl at the End!

What to bring:

  • Dog Treats
  • Water for both you and your dog
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun screen
  • Towel for after just in case


Never Paddle boarded before ?

Don’t worry, the lesson includes basics, terminology, and technique of how to Stand Up Paddle board before focusing on your dog. We launch from a sandy beach located right behind the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Your Dog does not like water?

Don’t worry! Either does Captain Dingo Jack. Because your pup wants to be with you already 24/7.. the fact that they are on something safe in the middle of the water, they typically do not want to go anywhere and stay right by your side… or on the tip of the nose like Jack! They learn to enjoy the ride and have fun!

What do I wear ?

You should wear whatever you are comfortable in. Some sport a bathing suit, while some wear active clothes such as shorts/ t-shirt. If it is a little colder outside, wearing leggings or a light zip up is good to help increase your heart rate! Wearing a wetsuit is unnecessary and movement restricting.


Your dog Treat driven? Bring his/her favorite treats if you think that might help them focus a little more on you then the distractions on the water (no wake buoys, other dogs, birds)

For More Information about SUP Pups along with all Action photos from EVERY lesson, tips, events and Good times can be found on Facebook Page and Instagram!


Or call instructor Samantha at 619-365-4225 Ext 3

Text : 623-696-7008