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Stand Up Paddles

Stand Up Paddles
Stand Up Paddles for Racing, Surfing, Touring, or just puttering around.
Because the theory of correct paddle length is constantly being re-examined, lengths today are a bit shorter than just a few years ago. Here is a basic formula from Jim Terrell that we have adopted that seems to work for most paddlers.
How to choose your size: 
For Racing-1. Take your height in inches. 2. Add 10% 
For Surfing-Subtract 1 inch
For Touring Add 2 inches
Example: 6 foot tall =72 inches + 10% =79" for racing , -1" for surfing=78", +2" for touring=81"

These are recommended SUP paddle lengths by paddler height and are considered good choices for the majority of paddlers. Your personal preference may require a choice different from the above recommendations.

When placing your order just make a note of the size you need at the comment box at check out.


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