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SUP Fitness

We offer an array of fitness classes from low impact to advanced.

SUP Training 101:

Join us for a smooth paddle on the water. You learn the basics of paddling.  We won’t go too fast but that doesn’t mean you’re not working out. Very low intensity while working and toning core muscles and improving your balance and coordination.

SUP Yoga:

Beginner SUP Yoga: In this class you will use basic yoga poses while you acclimate yourself to yoga while on top of the water.

Advanced SUP Yoga:

Dive in and try more advanced yoga poses. Even the experienced yogi will find this class extra challenging as you test your balance to the limit.

Sunrise SUP Yoga:

Join us for a relaxing yoga session on the paddleboard while enjoying the break of dawn over our beautiful San Diego city.

SUP Cardio:

Endurance paddling: More intense than our Simply SUP class, the Endurance cardio is based to function as an aerobic cardio class with a moderate intensity that carries throughout the class.

Circuit SUP:

Circuit training on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

SUP Fit:

Crossfit style workouts that integrate paddleboarding and body weight exercises while on the board.