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Going Green

The SUP Connection does what it can to help save our environment. Plenty of small things can add up.

  • Our receipts are not printed up on paper. We use an iPad and email receipts to the customers saving on any printed paper.
  • Our truck is equipped with a solar panel on top to charge our battery packs, electronics and iPads. We do not plug into the hotel at all in order to charge up any of our equipment.
  • We try to use a minimum amount of water when washing our equipment. When we do use water, it is on the grass which reduces the amount needed by the hotel to keep it green.
  •  Try to keep trips to a minimum. When moving equipment or simply coming to work, we make an effort to communicate with each other and see what needs to be where and when to keep driving to a minimum. Several of team lives in the Point Loma area and even rides a bike or walks to work.
  • One of the most exciting aspects of Bounce SUP™ is the unique, clean construction of our boards. We’ve eliminated 2 major steps from traditional board construction. Which ones? We don’t shape a foam blank and we don’t sand a fiberglass or carbon fiber skin. No foam shaping means there’s no irritating foam dust and there’s no wasted material. No sanding of glass coats means there’s no harmful fiberglass dust and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air of our shop. Furthermore, we have eliminated nasty chemicals like acetone from our production line. When you walk through our factory there is absolutely none of the brain-burning smell usually associated with the board-building business. Basically, our manufacturing method eliminates all of the major environmental and high-labor reasons why so many board companies export this great industry to Asia. We’d rather keep it clean and keep it local.
  • When repairing the SUP’s, we have gone as far as waiting for a rare rainy day to do the wet sanding on the boards. We have even caught rainwater in several large garbage cans and then used a solar water pump to use for wet sanding the boards. When we do this, it over grass to reduce the water needed to keep the grass green.