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SUP Yoga San Diego

Dustin Swindle SUP Yoga Instructor Dustin Swindle SUP Yoga Instructor

SUP Yoga 101

SUP Yoga designed for all levels this class will strengthen your paddling and board skills while building a strong foundation in our Tadasana (Mountain Pose) improving your balance on a Paddle Board while discovering the healing power of bringing yoga to the the fluid element of the water. In this great experience we combine the cardio fitness of the paddle boarding while deepening your yoga poses by finding strength in our balance on the fluid Element of the Water! Namaste Yeamanja!

Sunset Restorative SUP Yoga

Unwind and Release on the water with Sunset Restorative SUP Yoga, relaxing the mind body and spirit while aligning our body’s on the fluid element of the water. Finding alignment through breathe while strengthening our core to create a stable foundation in our ever changing elements, helping us become more comfortable balancing the changes that occur in our day to day lives.

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A beautiful Full Moon in San Diego Bay A beautiful Full Moon in San Diego Bay

Moon Light Paddle

Emerge into the moonlight with a monthly 6 PM Moon Light Paddle feeling all of the abundance and energy the moon has to offer as we glide into the elements under the moon-lit sky.

Elka Yoga Elka Yoga

Elka Yoga

SUP Yoga Class Description:

Discover the joy of the most dynamic, fun and healing outdoor yoga practice! Yoga on the water is extremely powerful and healing because you experience a deeper connection with MahaPrana (the cosmic energy of the elements). This class is designed for yoga practitioners of all levels and styles who would like to experience a dynamic, joyful, and safe yoga practice on the water. During this class you will strengthen your paddle boarding skills. Learn how to stand up with confidence on the paddle board and how to utilize the board for yoga. Discover vital strokes for controlling speed and maneuvering with ease and grace. Join us and discover the healing power of yoga on water!

Elak Yoga Description. Click to enlarge.  Elak Yoga Description. Click to enlarge.