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The 19th Annual Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge

The 19th Annual Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge OC-1 & 2, Surfski, Paddleboard and Standup Paddleboard Jan 24, 2015 Mission Bay, San Diego.

The Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge is one of the Longest Running Paddlesport Races in California (OC-1, Surfski, Traditional Paddleboard, Standup Paddleboard and Kayak)  We’ve always had a great mix of top level professional athletes and beginners from ages 7-80.

First, starts are always crucially important but all the more so at the Hanohano short course. Standup paddle boarders sprint to a bottleneck left turn, hugging the jetty and facing lots of turbulence. Typically, paddlers come within inches of the rocks and the ebb and flow of the ocean, plus the tight pack of the start, make it really difficult to find a clear, calm opening, unless (of course) you are leading the start. So, sprint hard and try to hold a lead to find some clear water. Second, watch the currents. There will be a few turns and twists during the course, especially near jetties. And sometimes the shortest path is not the fastest. The course is close to the mouth of the bay and currents can be tricky, particularly in shallower waters. Keep an eye on the people around you and note whether your path is helping you gain, lose, or hold your lead around the bends. Drafting might be the safest strategy to hold your grounds in shallower water. Other than that, go out, have fun, and share the sup stoke!

Long Course (Approx 9 miles):

Starting Procedure: Line up at North Jetty heading North. Start will be a horn blast from Escort Boat. Please No Running Starts…You’ll be wrecking the race for everyone else. Follow “Lead Boat” to Crystal Pier…Left turn around “Turn Boat” toward the Yukon…approx. 45 degree angle. Left turn on Turn Boat, Head to Turn Buoy off South Jetty…Left Turn on Buoy. Stay to the right (South Jetty) until the line of white 5 MPH Buoys, turn into Bonita Cove. All Paddlers Must finish between the official boat and the buoy. It is the Paddlers responsibility to make sure your number and time are recorded at the finish. Failure to report race number at finish line will result in DNF.

Short Course (4.5 miles):

The Short Course will begin in Bonita Cove marshaled and started by Safety Boat #1. – First Wave… OC-1, OC-2, Surfskis – Second Wave… (5 minute delay)… All SUP – Third Wave… (5 minute delay)… All prone

Participants will proceed to buoy (left hand turn) at entrance to Bonita Cove following the lead safety boat toward Sea World following traffic patterns (stay to right). Left turn #2 will be at a buoy in the mid channel at Sea World at which point participants will paddle counterclockwise around Vacation Island and return to Bonita Cove minding traffic patterns. Finish will be between the official boat and the buoy anchored in Bonita Cove adjacent to the start. Paddlers must enter the buoy chute and report their race number to the officials on the finish boats. Failure to follow finish procedure will result in a DNF.

****Finish Line Procedure … Don’t mess up**** Mandatory finish will be between an anchored boat and a buoy in Bonita Cove manned with the volunteer timing crew.

We are using a NEW timing procedure this year. We will have chip timing!!! Be sure that your chip is strapped securely to your ankle as instructed at check in. You will be recorded as your chip passes through the finish line. Because this is so new, we are using more traditional timing as a backup. When you pass through the finish line, you MUST report your number in a coherent manner in order for your time to be recorded. Failure to finish between the finish boat and the buoy and report your number will result in a big DNF. It is the paddler’s responsibility to ensure that your number is heard by the timers. It is extremely helpful if all paddlers sign up in the proper division. If you don’t know what craft you are actually paddling, feel free to ask a volunteer to help identify your craft before you check in so that we can get you accurate results. Please do NOT switch craft after registration as this will affect everyone’s results. Be considerate to the volunteers. Results will be easier to compile if you cooperate with the outlined procedure.